15 November 2012 @ 11:34 pm
I always said that I needed more excitement in my life and now I've got it.
It just hit me out of the blue. *iz shot*

To keep things simple, I had an unfortunate run in with a moving car and ended up getting my ankle wrenched/twisted seriously and had to put my leg in a cast. Before anyone worries, only my foot suffered and otherwise I am just seriously aching all over the place and bruised a little here and there.

Guess I got lucky because, I swear, the moment that car wheel hit my ankle and twisted it forcefully I had this horrible thought that I was gonna die due to horrendous pain. Thankfully the driver hadn't been going fast and I hadn't had the time to cross the street completely so I was only slightly picked up as opposed to getting fully hit.

It was equally my fault (because I was distracted by a fast coming car coming from the opposite direction), the driver's for not seeing me coming and that darn, 4x4 car's parked right next to the zebra crossing that blocked both our views of each other. After the poor woman freaked out and a passing couple helped me pick myself off the ground and into the driver's car, we both decided not to involve the police and made up an 'I tripped on a sewer cover' story and decided to leave it at just that. She took me to the hospital and paid everything that needed payment, gave me plenty of money for taxi fair if ever needed and today came by my place to check up on me and bring me some groceries.

My father and aunt said that I should've called the police and had her license removed for hitting me on the zebra but I'm not some darn avenger. My foot will not get fixed if I call the police and even if it would, accidents happen sometimes. It's not like she wanted to hit me and it's not like she isn't doing her best to help me with anything I could possibly want so...may we'll even stay friends after I get my cast taken off? about 31 days? ._______.

(I can not say how annoying the thought of spending 31 days in a cast really is. The vacation is...uh, not bad but not being able to walk anywhere is just so darn frustrating)

Which kind of brings me to the subject of today's post.

I was going to the bank yesterday to deposit a small sum in my account because my photobucket account will expire in two-three days but obviously I never got there.

Does anyone have 3$ to spare for a week or so until I can get to the bank? I promise I'll give it back as soon I do get, but right now I can't really move (and even all this hobbling around the house is exhausting me) and I'd really like my gifs to remain active.

Current Mood: discontent