06 August 2009 @ 09:28 pm
I have no idea if I'll ever be able to finish 100 situations - knowing my gift to procrastinate anytime and anywhere - so I'm sneaking around.

May I introduce you to the community [livejournal.com profile] 100_situations and table 03 which looks awesomely spiffy!

001.Finger 002.Bad 003.Intelligence 004.Announce 005.Day
006.Murder 007.Sad 008.Plan 009.Ill 010.Secret
011.Behind 012.Want 013.Stranded 014.Wealthy 015.Marriage
016.Affected 017.Long Hours 018.Worthy 019.Sinful 020.Obvious
021.Caught 022.Splatter 023.Flight 024.Slip 025.Escape
026.Honor 027.Ashamed 028.Attentive 029.Motivated 030.Grovel
031.Swear 032.Shoot 033.Switch 034.Promise 035.Crawl
036.Hell 037.Grin 038.Hug 039.Burn 040.Kiss
041.Mute 042.Suffocate 043.Punch 044.Exile 045.Plead
046.Strong 047.Defenseless 048.Discover 049.Action 050.Sport
051.Memorable 052.Die 053.Missing 054.Luck 055.Rescue
056.Abort 057.Possessed 058.Graveyard 059.Trail 060.Walk
061.Plunge 062.Jump 063.Self-conscious 064.Suspicious 065.Mistake
066.Complicated 067.Black Out 068.Reveal 069.Grotesque 070.Swim
071.Resign 072.Nonsense 073.Declare 074.Corrupt 075.Wrong
076.Right 077.Administer 078.Embrace 079.Argue 080.Lose
081.Monster 082.Hit 083.Build 084.Destroy 085.Breathe
086.Assist 087.Stab 088.Bite 089.Hunger 090.Passage
091.Drama 092.Haunted 093.Crisis 094.Dirty 095.Emotional
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

I'm writing ficlets clandestinely...at least until I'm close to completing this. I work better when I'm not under pressure. xDD

100 scenarios - AU + Canon Rayearth! *whoot*

Title: Away
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Characters: Lantis/Hikaru
Table: #3
Prompt: #17 - Long Hours
Word Count: 676
Rating: K
Author's Notes: AU love!

The storm was raging outside and he'd forgotten to take an umbrella with him. Again. And she was pretty sure that it was raining where he was as much as it was raining here - she'd checked the weather forecast earlier that morning.

Knowing Lantis, the chances of him bothering with such an insignificant detail were close to zip and fast decreasing with each minute. It was after all a week long mission only. And the last one he would be accepting in the coming months.

She patted her - still - flat stomach fondly and sipped her tea, trying to find comfort in the minty flavor that tickled her nose and the pleasant heat that warmed her fingers.

It didn't work. Hum. Maybe she'd been without her husband for far too long. These days, it had become glaringly obvious that she hated sleeping alone in their bed. It felt strange not being able to curl into his body anymore...

Hikaru tapped her fingers against the windowsill and tried to remember why she wasn't with Lantis...doing what she'd been doing for the last seven - interesting - years of her life.

1. She was three months pregnant.
2. Incidentally, her job consisted of hurting bad guys, guarding good guys and every other little trick in the trade.
3. Most of her assignments usually ended up in gunshots, sword fights - classic was better - and gruesome bloody scenes.

Hikaru blinked and twirled a strand of red around her fingers thoughtfully, pulling the warm sweater over her bare legs for more warmth...

Oh...right. Now she remembered why he had nearly locked her in their home and ordered her not to follow him via car, bus or any other contraption she could think of.

A sigh. Another sip.

But that didn't mean that she liked knowing he was fighting alone while she was sitting here - she'd scrubbed the floors, cooked enough for any army, cleaned everything there was to clean at least twice, and made an impressive amount of coffee she wasn't allowed to drink - doing nothing. She felt...useless.

What if Lantis was hurt? He had told her that he wouldn't call before he'd left, because for this last mission he couldn't take the risk of anyone tracing it back to her...but what if his phone was broken and he was caught somewhere? There were a lot of ifs to worry for. She bit her lip and tried to remember that her husband was virtually unbeatable and really strong. After all, the first time they'd met, he'd saved her from being cut to ribbons by that maniac...

The lock clicked and she scrambled to get to the door, nearly tripping over herself and almost breaking her cup in her haste, half trepidation, half radiance. If he was coming through the front door - and truly, only they had keys - then it meant that everything had ended well.


"Welcome back!" She intoned breathlessly, forcing herself to not latch herself to him in the exhausted condition he was. Hard, especially with the conflicting mood swings ravaging her system already, but not impossible.

Lantis smiled down and, dropping his bag on the floor carelessly, pulled her into a bone crushing hug.

He smelled like rain, electricity and spicy cedar from his favorite soap and Hikaru inhaled deeply, feeling fully relaxed for the first time in many days.

"It's good to be home."

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