12 March 2013 @ 02:07 am

* Today is my one month "job" anniversary. I'm quite excited actually...even though I'm not paid or anything. Money would be nice but I can only go like three days a week anyway and at least I'm learning more about my future job without having to memorize stupidly long passages from books that are as big as my torso.

* A few days ago my external memory crashed and 470 GB went down the drain just like that. Cried a little.


I'm better now and I've even gotten back the money I paid for the busted memory. My mom cheered me up by buying me another external memory, this time of 1 TB. Nifty! I'm in the process of getting back all the anime and movies I lost.

The only thing that actually bothers me is that I was forced to leave my busted hard disk at the supermarket I bought it from (in order to get back the money). I'm still kind twitchy about the possibility of having someone fix it and look through all my folders and personal files. FFS I had fanfiction and gifs and stuff saved there and I am not feeling comfortable about letting others see them.

Hope to God no one ever fixes it and that it gets thrown off a cliff or something.

* Tumblr really brightens my day a lot. I never thought it would have such a good impact on my Internet life but I can get great fanart, hilarious stuff, recs, insightful discussions and gifs without actually having to move from one site to another.

That is all!

28 January 2013 @ 01:46 am
Been a while since I've checked this site. I can't tell if I'm losing interest in writing or if I'm really really lazy...

+ I have FINALLY found a job!


It's as a sort of assistant at a private - apparently classy - Dentistry clinic. It's 15 minutes away from home so that's settled. I will first start work as an assistant and then slowly move up.

The doctor plans to train me to work in his clinic afterwards. As an endodontist.


...I'm pretty much floored by now guys. I'll start working on the tenth this month and I think even my pants are trembling on me because this is gonna be tough and demanding (at least theoretically). Both he and his assistant (whom I've yet to meet) will teach me how to do EVERYTHING but I'm still very nervous.

It's perfect yet scary. This whole deal could guarantee me a stable AND well paying job after college if done right. Here's to hoping that me and the doctor will get along because that's basically the only thing standing between me and security. *crosses fingers*

+ Compared to my first announcement, this is a very small thing but I hate how Tumblr has gone and changed its layout. It broke my Missing E and made reblogging harder than needed after I'd finally managed to fix that feature a bit.

Considering how their site still has issues with uploading gifs - I'm slowly becoming alergic to the 'error uploading gif' response - I think that they rushed into a very bad change.

Apparently this update was in the making for years.

Which is regretful because I'm convinced that tumblr has been wasting those years. The update sucks and I'd go back to the old uploading layout in a snap if possible.

Just another LJ-ish like example of FIXING WHAT DIDN'T NEED FIXING. D
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