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Magic Knight Rayearth: Behind Closed Doors (HikaruxLantis) Rated R  
Title: Behind Closed Doors
Author: [livejournal.com profile] royalbk
[livejournal.com profile] prompt_in_a_box:
Prompt from Round #25, [livejournal.com profile] ag_sasami: "Passion"
Word Count: 553
Genre: Romance
Rating: R
Warnings: Veiled smut.
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Pairing/Character: Hikaru/Lantis
Summary: It was funny how Umi and Fuu still managed to think of Hikaru as the most innocent of all the Magic Knights when she herself knew better.
Timeline: Post manga
Author's Note: I don't get nearly enough smut as I want so I'm writing it myself. *grin*

Hikaru bit her fist, muffling her moan, and mentally hoped the no one would be too intrigued by her...their sudden disappearance to come look for them.

It wasn't that they'd planned it - Lantis kissed her shoulder and squeezed her thigh heatedly - or even consciously thought of it...it was just the mistake of teasing each other that had caused them to tumble into bed so urgently.

They'd all been outside in the gardens enjoying the beautiful weather of Cephiro doing nothing too spectacular until had Umi initiated the game - a rather provocative (but subtly so) game of 'splash the person closest to you' - and used the fountain (and her powers) to play it up.

She'd followed heartily and frankly Fuu hadn't been too far behind. They'd splashed and laughed until everyone was either soaking wet or, in happier circumstances, just partly so. Neither she nor Lantis had actually realized the implication of having soaked clothes...

Not until she'd sat herself in his lap - as per usual - and felt him stiffen up against her.

A hand on his thigh - a silent question - and then she'd frozen up as well.

Her clothes were almost see-through and his weren't made to be soaked because the material became flimsy and allowed her to feel all the hard muscles underneath.

That coupled with the fact that he could see into her cleavage quite easily from his towering position, had taken sitting on his lap to a whole new...sensation. It probably hadn't helped that they weren't strangers of each others body (no matter what Umi and Fuu might have thought about her little knowledge in this domain).

Even now, as she tremblingly struggled to find fulfillment with him, Hikaru was quite positive that no one had even noticed that moment. Or the ones that followed after it...his fingers curving underneath her breast, her hand splayed on his leg teasingly, heated eyed darkening, parted lips...the knowledge that it was mutual.

No one would expect it from unassuming, cute Hikaru or silent, private Lantis. Well, everyone knew that they were together...but the expectations probably stopped at prancing in a flower field, too shy to even hold hands or kiss.

Hikaru wished that she could say she wanted to see Umi and Fuu's faces now...but she was sure she'd die of mortification first. Not to mention that she'd never be able to look into their eyes afterward.

Lantis swallowed her cry, his mouth pressing hard against hers, and she didn't fight the wave of ecstasy that flooded her body and turned her world white. It was always like this...always amazing in ways that she'd never imagined.

The room was hot and humid as they struggled to breathe into the aftermath. Actually, everything was hot and humid still...their tryst hadn't really helped dry their bodies after the garden game, and the sheets were suffering as well.

"We can open a window," he groaned, low and rough, using tongue and teeth to tease a sensitive spot between her neck and shoulder as if they hadn't just come down from their mutual high.

"Is it too hot?" She breathed, struggling to think past the 'moremoremoreagainagainagain' reaction he was awakening in her even now.

"It's nothing I can't learn to enjoy." Lantis murmured, drawing her into him possessively.

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