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Favorite stories - part I  

This post here shows just how much of an order freak I really am. *much amused* I've actually sat down to compile a post containing all my favorite stories from FF.net (well, all the ones I can remember)

This list will be constantly updated from now on because I REALLY want to have something to come back to when I want to read my old favorites. This is perfect!

For part II go here!

~Angelic Layer~

Seasons in the Sun» by Gabi-hime (Oujiro/Misaki)
Oujiro & Misaki Kaede & Sai -- Four years after the third National Angelic Layer tournament, the grand circuit deuses of Angelic Layer finally leave their fields of gold. Updated with Chapter Three.

~Avatar: The Last Airbender~

Enslaved» by sharkflip (Katara/Zuko)
A triumphant war party returns with an exotic slave, a gift for the ruling house. Katara and Zuko AU

Stormbenders by (Katara/Zuko)
S3 AU from FBM. Deep in the Fire Nation jungle, the Gaang meets a group of rogue water ninja who send Zuko and Katara on a mission to retrieve Ozai's secret battle plans.


Come Back To Me
by Enchantable (Ulquiorra/Orihime I)
Collab with Frotu. Post-rescue Orihime deals with life, one breath at a time

Demons from My Past» by evenstar lady (Byakuya K./Rukia K)
Byakuya has lived everything there is to live for a thousand years, being a powerful and skilled demon. Then his path crosses fatefully with a headstrong human girl, and he realizes he might not have lived... or loved long enough. My new AU ByaRuki fic.

Let Sleeping Angels Lie
by Atramentous Love (Byakuya K./Rukia K)
A coin must always have two sides, likewise, Hisana is the Devil to one person and an Angel to another. Kaien waits for the day when Byakuya will no longer be tied down by his false illusions. Rukia waits to take his hand in hers. ByaRuki One-shot.

Teach me how to love» by evenstar lady (Byakuya K./Rukia K)
When Byakuya is forced to face an important decision, he makes a safe choice to keep his life unaffected. What he didn't know was how it was going to change his life, and heart completely. ByaRuki. My first ever fanfic.

To Win You Back» by evenstar lady (Byakuya K./Rukia K)
When Rukia makes a hard choice and leaves for a mission, Byakuya has to find a way to keep her from danger. To stop her continuing the task. And ultimately, to win her back. My second ByaRuki fanfic. Finally rated M.

When the Snow Falls» by Yih (Byakuya K./Rukia K)
When Rukia came into Byakuya's life, he saw her as an obligation. As time goes by, as Rukia entrenches herself deeper into Byakuya's world, will he finally see her as something more than just a promise made years ago.

Silly Cat by Jessesgirl1549 (Hyorinmaru/Haineko)
Haineko is like her Mistress, loves to push icy personafied boys to their limits. But in a fit of jealousy she just goes a bit too far for Hyrorinmaru. HainHyrori. Slight HitsuMatsu. Mild OOCness

Six Moments by Ms Western Ink (Sode no Shirayuki/Senbonzakura)
Senbonzakura raised his eyes in quiet curiosity as, for the first time in decades, his spirit world turned white with snow. It was an eerie premonition of things to come.


Burlesque by Poisonous (Haji/Saya)
She laughed then, "Do you think you are taking advantage of me?"

Erythrite» by AlleyBird (Haji/Saya)
Kids these days; they just don't know how to let it be.

HagiSaya drabbles» by Lenidrabbles (Haji/Saya)
26 letters. 26 stories of 100 words each. All Saya/Hagi in some way, shape or form. WARNINGS: The same as in the anime&manga. Enjoy!

~Blue Seed~

Dreamer Awakened» by Ruri Hoshino (Momiji/Kusanagi)
Kusanagi has disappeared and Momiji returns to Izumo where she finds her life endangered a circumstance that is, in part, responsible for drawing Kusanagi back into her life.


Makeover, Makeover by picaropicara (Krory/Miranda)
Lenalee didn't drink, but if she did, she thought now would be a good time to start. Krory and Miranda want a nice simple conversation at least, but their bored friends aren't making it easy. Krory/Miranda

Silent Midnight Walks by Melodic.Melody (Krory/Miranda)
Who knew that a midnight walk around the Black Order Headquarters could end up being in the wrong person's bed? KroryMiranda; oneshot.

What day is it? by SirHellsing84 (Krory/Miranda)
Krory has had a very VERY long day, and for some reason it feels like hes forgetting something. What was it?

~Death Note~
Rewrite» by Kat-chan (L/Misa)
L x Misa. A moment in time. A chance meeting. Fate turned upside down.
~Digimon Frontier~

Losing by DancingPetal (Izumi/Kouji)
Why was it, Izumi mused, that girls always fall for the bad guys, the lone wolfs, the unapproachable and cool ones? Couldn’t they see that guys like Kouji didn’t want any girl swooning over them, fussing about them? She knew better than that...

The Art of Getting Dumped by DancingPetal (Izumi/Kouji)
Kouzumi. The Jerk, the Asshole, the Moron: Orimoto Izumi always ends up dating the wrong men. To make it worse, Kouji hasn't lost his protective streak and makes finding a decent one even harder by messing with her exes. Imagine the drama.

Kismet by Avaris Sky (Hitomi/Van)
A/U :: V/H :: One-Shot :: If you looked up "childhood sweethearts" in the dictionary, you'd find this story about a single, fateful day in kindergarten involving Hitomi, Van and a surprise gift.

Suitor» by ookami123 (Hitomi/Van)
As governess and chaperone to the most sought after debutante in London, Hitomi Kanzaki has had a… somewhat stressful season. But whilst protecting her charge from the perils of seduction, can she truly protect herself from one rogue’s dark promise? VH

The Awakening of Rutilus Flumen» by bluetreeleaves (Hitomi/Van)
Sequel to The Legends of Rutilus Flumen: Accepting her fate as the Pilot, Hitomi must endure hard life in Fanelia, intense training with a crabby old man, and growing prejudices against her. Thankfully, the King of Fanelia will always be at her side...

The Laws of Attraction by origami-doll (Hitomi/Van)
Someone isn't having a very pleasant day... yet XD

The Legends of Rutilus Flumen» by bluetreeleaves (Hitomi/Van)
AU Prophesies predicted her coming long ago. Her dreams of past and future collide as Hitomi discovers her true power. Her place in life is finally set together with the help of the mysterious ebony haired king of Fanelia.

Yubiwa» by Snowflake Flower (Hitomi/Van)
“Hitomi,” Van whispered softly to her, his bare hands gently holding her delicately smaller ones, “be my queen. Marry me.” Van/Hitomi, rated for explicit content.

Absurdity or Oddity
by cantabilesonata (Shin/Kumi)
Is a student-teacher romance inappropriate? ShinKumi.

At Eighteen
by Northlight (Shin/Kumi)
Sawada Shin is eighteen years old, and for the first time in years, he feels like a kid. Dramaverse; ShinKumi

Fighting For Two by Northlight (Shin/Kumi)
Shin, Kumiko, and a thug in way over his head. Dramaverse; ShinKumi

by Avelynn Tame (Shin/Kumi)
Yankumi’s love life is the topic of the day again, and it’s irritating Shin.

Running Parallel by Northlight (Shin/Kumi)
It wasn't as if waiting a day or two would make much of a difference. Dramaverse; ShinKumi

True Confessions» by Kiya Sama (Shin/Kumi)
Where hidden emotions are slowly revealed as teacher and student grow to understand each other in more ways than one. ShinKumi

~Harry Potter~

Ab Patrocinium, Amor» by Avelynn Tame (Draco/Hermione)
[Complete] In five years, they have not worked it out. Now the time has come for Hermione to reveal her secret, but will she survive long enough to make sure they understand? DHr

The Rest of Their Lives» by smuggled-muggle (Draco/Hermione)
[Complete] Voldemort's defeated and now they've got the future to look forward to. Hermione's happily ever after doesn't happen as she had planned, and Draco refuses to live the life planned for him.

What Granger Wants by ellamalfoy8 (Draco/Hermione)
OneShot With the help of his father’s old journals, Draco is able to read the minds of women. Who does he focus on? No one other than Hermione Granger. At last our hero can learn what it is that Granger wants, and possibly lose his mind in the process.


100 Drops of Blood» by dark-angel-rising (Alucard/Seras)
A series of oneshots between Alucard and Seras. Most AxS, but some friendship, sire and fledgeling, etc relationships. Please R&R. First Hellsing fanfic.

aMoNg ThE mAd by Identity-Unknown (Alucard/Seras)
Seras Victoria finds her Master's 'madness' fascinating. Rated for Lime, Mature Lanuage. OneShot Alucard&Seras

Darkness and Light» by SoulShdw (Alucard/Seras)
Tale that revolves around Seras and the Hellsing Institution over a Century after the defeat of Incognito.

Hound of the Moors» by EternalSorrow (Alucard/Seras)
AU. Seras has inherited a large English estate from her late uncle, but receives more than she expected. AxS

In Spite of Your Fear
» by darknessfollows (Alucard/Seras)
A look into the interactions of the Hellsing vampires formed in a series of one shots. AxS. Plot lines are not in any specific order and are not necessarily related. Manga-based.

Mysterious Guide by EternalSorrow (Alucard/Seras)
One-Shot. Seras, unable to sleep shortly after her arrival at Hellsing, decides to explore the bowels of the Hellsing Mansion. Mindless fluff warning. Slight AxS

Nothing Left» by Wolf Alice (Alucard/Seras)
History repeats itself... Ten years after the end of the war, the dissolution of the Hellsing Organisation, and the death of its director, Seras Victoria revisits the Hellsing mansion, and discovers the monster hidden beneath. AxS, AUish.


A Little Faith by elle6778 (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
COMPLETE. Kagome dreams of falling into the old well, ending up in the hands of the demon Lord Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru dreams of an infuriating miko who does not know when to stop. Chaos ensues but all they really need is a little faith.

A Self Called Nowhere
» by Noacat (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
SessKag RATED FOR MILD SEXUAL CONTENT AND VIOLENCE. Six years after leaving the feudal era, Kagome contemplates her choices. She looks to the stars for answers and finding nothing, looks inward. CH 15 NEW!

A Simple Legacy by elle6778 (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
COMPLETE. Inuyasha’s erratic youkai transformations forced Kagome to seek help from Sesshoumaru in more ways than one. Unsurprisingly, the taiyoukai balked at the idea...until Kagome offered him something in exchange for his help.

A Simple Legacy II & III by elle6778 (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
COMPLETE. Part 2: They parted ways after the agreement, until Sesshoumaru decided it was time to collect on the debt Kagome owed him. Part 3: The appearance of an enemy from the past brought Sesshoumaru and Kagome together once again.

Again I Go Unnoticed» by NotesandPhotographs (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Their marriage had fallen apart. There was nothing else left for her to do but leave. But she never thought that he would want her back. SessKag. Complete.

And Then It All Went To Hell by The Masked Fox (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Oneshot KagxSessh. It's Kagome's wedding day, and everything seems perfect... and then it all goes to hell with two little words: "I object."

Beside You in Time» by RosieB (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
After the Jewel is stolen and the wish is made, Kagome finds herself cursed with immortality. Convincing Sesshoumaru to help her, they travel the world and through some of the most cataclysmic periods of human history to defeat the powerful thieves.

Black Blood» by Metalmark (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
He was a powerful, dashing, dark lord who was locked away for centuries. Kagome ends up unlocking him and sealing her fate. Now she belongs to him and must follow his wishes. Even if she were to fight against it, he won't take no for an answer.

Bleeding Moon» by Imperfectly Yours (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
When Inuyasha's life is taken in battle, Kagome finds comfort and refuge in the least expected demon. But when she feels her own will to live begin to fail, will he be there for her again? SessKag, oneshot! Considering a Sequel

Canis familiaris» by Tally Mark (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
There's something strangely familiar about Kagome's new dog. Sess/Kag.

Charming by Miss Selah (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
The Well takes it's job quite seriously, especially where they are concerned.[Kagome Sesshoumaru] [Gift Stuff for Yabou][Week Four: VIBRATIONS]

Chimera» by OnyxIvyStone (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Two brothers battle in a cave of bone, one for their father's sword while the other, to avenge a slain girl. When Kagome stands unharmed with sword in hand, time stands still. Sesshomaru's choice will change everything. Sess/Kag

Could Be Raining by Just A Starving Writer (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
The perfect curse, courtesy of Naraku, can bring just about anyone together. Even Kagome and Sesshoumaru. Complete oneshot.

Counting the Hours by forthright  (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
AU. When Inuyasha calls in a favor, Kagome sacrifices her holiday in order to help him fulfill an annual familial obligation. Missed flights, misunderstandings, and mistletoe conspire to bring two strangers together. SK.

Divergence» by The Second Coming (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
AU: As a slow but steady understanding begins to grow between two unlikely people, it becomes more and more apparent that the rest of the world will never understand. A companion to "Perception".

Dog at Heart» by Tally Mark (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
He's a dog at heart. The daily modern misadventures of a girl and her demon. SessKag drabbles.

Ebony Dawn by Rymsie (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
The story of Kagome and SesshouMaru from the time they met in Tetsusaiga's Tomb.

Even Immortals Fall by Youkai no Yume (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
What spiritual or unearthly force drew me to this human mortal? I almost dreaded in a way, that it was not some outward force that compelled me to feel these strange stirrings, but it was the girl’s own power that drew me to her. SESSKAG! One-shot!

Frivolous Sentimentalities by Tally Mark (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, what galaxy are youkai from? Because Kagome would really like to know. SessKag oneshot.

Gone to the Dogs» by Tally Mark (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Kagome needs help, and there's only one dog who can do it. In which Kagome learns a thing or two about dogs and Sesshoumaru learns a thing or two about fun. SessKag.

I Found A Reason by The Hatter Theory (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
A different take on the end. Both are celebrated because of their power, and only they could understand the loneliness of the gap that set them apart from everyone else. SessKag Oneshot

I Will Find You» by LC Rose (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Sesshoumaru finds that time is not on his side as he debates his feelings towards Kagome only to find her gone when he reaches a decision. *COMPLETE*

Metamorphosis» by Noacat (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
[One Shot, SesshKag] His skin had been stretching thin lately and he didn't know why. Everything was the same, yet still he felt as if he had changed or was changing. RATED FOR VIOLENCE AND IMPLIED SEXUAL SITUATIONS. COMPLETE.

Mirrored Future by Amazonian21 (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Complete SessKag: Kagome finds a mirror that gives possible scenarios from the future. She decides to look a bit closer. Is she ready for what she'll find?

My Hatred, My Obsession» by Kyndred (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
She had seen his one moment of weakness, and he hated her for it. He tried to kill her, and she defended herself, hating him even more. But when he saw her so near death that night, he knew that he could not let her go. On Hiatus

One Less Star, Book 1» by HardlyFatal (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
The mikos assigned to protect the Shikon no Tama are fated always to join with the members of a certain youkai family to protect it. Fated love is not all it's cracked up to be. KagoSess.

Pale Shadows by forthright(Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Oneshot. It’s Halloween, and Kagome keeps catching glimpses of something... or someone... out of the corner of her eye. An imposing presence, an implicit threat, and a message from beyond. Sesshoumaru x Kagome. CU, Modern Era, Divergence.

Pyrrhic Victory by SoftNoodle (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
[ONESHOT] AU. SessKagish. When the definition of win becomes loss. Kagome makes a decision that will leave them all alone.

Property» by Ethidda (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
SessKag. On Kagome's 16th birthday, her cousin Kikyou gave her a slave. Actually, he's a bloodbound, which the humans equate with a slave, but Sesshoumaru still remembers what a bloodbond entails, even if humans have forgotten.

Running Blind» by Just A Starving Writer (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Coincidences just don't happen to Kagome, so when she repeatedly comes across a certain lord on her spontaneous runs, she questions Fate's plan.[SK]

Sunset Love» by Aurora Nyte (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
The sun sets even as the crescent moon rises to greet his eternal love. Her mother's words a prophecy that has set Kagome's feet on the path of destiny once more. SessKag Edited, The final two chapters have been uploaded.

Taisho's Darling» by Lavender Valentine (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
(COMPLETE) Sesshomaru has been asked by his father to do the impossible. He's determined to succeed, in spite of the complications presented by Inu-Yasha and one Higurashi Kagome. Nothing will stand in his way, not even the poor, innocent houseplants...

Tears of the Fallen» by ShadowsWeaver1 (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Kagome is saved by Sesshomaru. Unfortunately for the young miko, Sesshomaru’s version of chivalry includes having her impaled by Tenseiga and thrown down a mystic well. But that is only the first of our miko’s problems. SessKag

The Diary» by CiraArana (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
He thinks it an excellent opportunity to gain an insight into a human's mind and more knowledge about his brother. He gets more than he expected. SessKag

The Highwayman by SoftNoodle (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
ONESHOT AU. SessKag. The moon is a glowing light in the sky. The wind howls through the bare trees. Across the moors, along the white path, a highwayman comes riding.

The Looking Glass Has Broken by Just A Starving Writer (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Magical wells are subject to the whims of Fate. So is life, however long. So is love, however melancholy.

The Once and Future Taiyoukai» by RosieB (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
The well was supposed to be stable. It was supposed to send her to Inuyasha. And it failed. Now, Kagome's even farther into the past and she must depend on a young Sesshoumaru, who has no idea of what their shared future holds. But neither does Kagome.

The Promise by Lady Kogawolf (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Oneshot song fic. Never one to go back on a promise, Sesshomaru makes Kagome realize who really loves her.

Tradition by Sunset Miko (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Kagome begins receiving odd gifts from a secret admirer. This was written for iyfic contest Week 136 – Odd Gifts

Triple Threat by Irulanna (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
[SessKag] COMPLETED Sesshoumaru makes an...odd demand, and Kagome must comply to save the lives of everyone she holds dear.

Troved by forthright  (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
AU. Everyone knows that a hanyou comes from the union of a human and a youkai. In this case, the union of a human and a youkai is brought about by a hanyou. Sesshoumaru x Kagome. Valentine's Day Oneshot.

Twisted Hearts» by Eternal fire1 (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
“Marry me.” Kagome's eyes widened. “I…I don’t love you.” She said weakly. If Sesshoumaru could have laughed, he would have. “Stupid miko.” He said. “This is not about love. This is merely business. SessKag SM IK The rating is only for the ending

Unexpected Endeavors» by scottishfae (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
The shard hunting group is rocked by an unexpected request from Sesshomaru and forced to endure the deal when, by mistake, Kagome agrees to his offer.

Unwanted Freedom by SoftNoodle (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
ONESHOT SessKagish. In light of a bond they were forced to endure, Sesshoumaru requests his freedom from Kagome in pursuit of a happiness he could find only with Kagome.

Unspoiled by forthright  (Sesshoumaru/Kagome)
Something goes awry during a trip through the Well, and Kagome is stranded in the distant past where she encounters a familiar face. When a very young Sesshoumaru decides to keep her, the consequences ripple through time. SK. COMPLETE.

~Justice League~

A to Z, an Anthology» by AngelQueen (Batman/Wonder Woman)
A BMWW series of drabbles and one-shots, each chapter representing a letter of the alphabet. Chapters Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six: Y and Z are for...

Fine Lines» by AngelQueen(Batman/Wonder Woman)
Amazons are an immortal and hardened people. It's almost impossible to kill them. What happens when Diana of Themyscira dies... but doesn't travel into the Underworld? BMWW UST.

Haunted» by Ugly-Girl (Batman/Wonder Woman)
When Batman won't save himself, Diana decides to take matters into her own hands. Sappy shipfic warning. Finally moved it from DC Superheroes section. Finished.

Madly» by Geeky BMWW Fan (Batman/Wonder Woman)
Batman loses his mind and memory. Diana must help him pick up the pieces. Too bad he can't remember breaking her heart. BMWW

The Prodigal» by The Cleric (Batman/Wonder Woman)
Stripped of her powers and duties as Wonder Woman, Diana finds unlikely solace from Batman, who offers her a job at WayneTech. With his help, Diana begins the road to reclaiming her title. COMPLETED

From the Ashes» by SilverKnight (Batman/Wonder Woman)
They say every cloud has a silver lining. Try telling the Justice League that.

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