11 December 2010 @ 01:40 am
The witch broom has been taken out and the Friends List has been cleaned up a little - since many people haven't responded to it. I've gone from 80 something friends to the current 54...staggering I tell you. I feel guilty for taking out so many people! >>;

This post will be public so that if anyone missed the last one and got deleted, they can just ask - at my current LET US BE CUDDLY BEARS FRIENDS - to be friended once more. ♥

Not much else to say other than - otp20in20 themes are SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME FORSCHNIZZLE~! Hikaru and Lantis really don't have THAT many options for icons.


*pondering deeply*

Also - vacation is coming!

ALSO - I can soon eat milk and cheese once more. *cheers of happiness to go around*


OH! And I haven't yet thanked you guys so much for
a) the awesome birthday wishes...I suck because I'm THANKING YOU NAO a week later. Guess it's better late than never.

b) answering my recent Twilight-ian post...I'm not going to read the killer book yet because for now my curiosity is sated due to ALEX READS TWILIGHT

If you haven't seen it yet, you simply must click the link now because I laughed so hard at some bits that I literally cried. The boy's good with his imitations...and those snarky comments are GOLD! xDDD
Current Mood: high
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